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Creative Law for

creative endeavors

Creative types and endeavors come with unique and daunting issues.

These issues require creative advice and solutions to effectivEly (and cost-effectively)

manage them and for the creatives to achieve success.

I can advise you in:


Lawrence Kutun, President, Alusia Entertainment

“When I think of Paul Menes, I think honest, trustworthy, loyal, courageous and knowledgeable. Someone you wish your friends were more like.”

Rick Norris, JD, CPA, Rick Norris, An Accountancy Corporation

“I have worked with Paul for ten years on various clients and capacities. I have found that his experience and creativity has passed beyond my highest expectations.”

Nelly Castillo, Actress

“I’m very happy working with you and with the way you’ve been handling the legal aspect of my career”

Alex Billington, Founder/Owner/President, FirstShowing.net

“As an internet-based business, I was looking for an attorney who understands modern ‘digital’ businesses and could provide expertise and help in situations involving the increasingly volatile online world. Paul has done just that, bringing his expertise and understanding along with him. He’s very helpful and personable, never pushy and always understanding of the situation prersented. I’m glad to continue to work with him and I highly recommend him as an attorney for the digital age.”

Cindy Rakowitz, CEO, Blackman Rakowitz Public Relations.

“Brilliant, simple legal solution to potential derogatory remarks (about a plastic surgeon posted on medical services comment sites and) protected by section 230.”

Robert Margouleff, Founder, Mi Casa Multimedia, Inc.

“I have worked with Paul for many years. He has always been there when I needed him. He has provided his creativity and expertise at very reasonable costs. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing legal services in his fields.”

Craig Isaac, Private Banking Relationship Manager, U.S. Bank, The Private Client Group

“I am fortunate to have known Paul for over a decade. Acting as a trusted advisor to members of the entertainment and related communities as well as a resource to numerous organization, Paul is always looking to support his clients, friends and associates as a valued business partner.”

Kyle Schember, President. Subtractive, Inc.

“I’d recommend Paul to anyone needing entertainment or media legal. His knowledge and experience is vast. He’s also very proactive, suggesting actions we hadn’t considered. Finding a good lawyer can be arduous or unpleasant. Working with Paul has not only been a pleasure, but I’ve learned a lot along the way. He’s a great asset and supporter of ours and I’m grateful for all he’s done for us over the years. Anyone would greatly benefit from his beyond professional services.”

Jimmy Steal, VP of Programming and National Digital Program Director for Emmis Radio and Program Director for Power 106-FM L.A.

“Paul is an amazing representative of his clients’ best interests and would not hesitate to recommend him! Knowledgeable, accurate, and expedient, he understands their needs and how to best go about achieving them in the most advantageous way possible.”

Kris Cosgrove, Screenwriter

“Paul is wonderful at his job. He recently helped me with the contract when I was co-writing a script with another writer. I highly recommend Paul. His expertise in entertainment law is outstanding.”

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Just Sayin... Blog

I think most legal blogs and newsletters reflect their authors’ lack of pragmatism in their approach to law. They also tend to be dry, sleep-inducing, self-congratulatory and usually deleted without reading. So, I’m introducing a different kind of blog, called “Just Sayin’. . .”TM

Its aim is to go straight to your bottom line—strategically, financially and professionally. Just Sayin’ will point out current issues and situations I think you need to be aware of and provide in plain English, simple, practical advice and solutions to deal with thoseissues and situations. Its goal is to help you and your business stay out of trouble and the huge expense and distraction of litigation. It’s far less expensive to prevent a problem than to try to fix it once it occurs.

While it will be regular, it won’t be on a dogmatic schedule. I’ll write it when I think there’s something you need to know that can affect you and your business. I hope you find it useful. Thanks.

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